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You are here to meet our digital industry experts! Dedicated to helping you create an optimized online presence, focusing on providing you with the best career advice in the MENA Market.

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AED 700

1 X Month Package

  • 2 X Digital Channels
  • Curriculum Vitae Optimization
  • Cover Letter
  • 10 Keyword Analysis
  • 1 X 1 Advisor Meeting
  • Strategic Career Planning
  • Interview Training Module

AED 1000

1 X Month Package

  • 3 X Digital Channels
  • Curriculum Vitae Optimization
  • Cover Letter
  • 15 Keyword Analysis
  • 1 X 1 Advisor Meeting
  • Strategic Career Planning
  • Interview Training Module

AED 2000

1 X Month Package

  • 4 X Digital Channels
  • Curriculum Vitae Optimization
  • Cover Letter
  • 25 Keyword Analysis
  • 1 X 1 Advisor Meeting
  • Strategic Career Planning
  • Interview Training Module

Must have as a digital tool for entry level jobs.

Gulf Talent
Gulf Talent

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Must have as a digital tool for entry level jobs.

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Monster Gulf

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Great for long term projects done from home.

Jobs in GCC

Find the right Job

Many would argue that the job market in UAE is rather a risky one and not worth one’s time in finding a career. However isn’t any attempt in establishing a career a risky one?

In today’s swiftly changing world, it would actually be more risky to stick to a safe and “cozy” lifestyle instead of a high performance, high competitive environment for a career such as Dubai’s. After all, with high risk comes high reward, especially with the involvement of hard work.

Many would shy away from the ‘chaotic’ path of jobs in Dubai. That would be highly justifiable considering the fact that it would be especially hard to takeoff in a country with a high standard of living such as UAE.

The job market

Growing job market

 Cost of living for a single person is recorded on average at around 8000 AED compared to the 25% of employees earning salary of 11800 AED or less. ”What if I am part of that 25%” many would fear. After all that is a really close call and it isn’t attractive in terms of getting people to start off their careers in the UAE. All this without mentioning the impact of the all-around known COVID 19 that has had major repercussions on the UAE’s economy.  Where the arts and entertainment sector has had a staggering 55% decline in the first quarter of 2020. 35% decline for the transportation and storage sector, and 33% decline for the food service sector. It is important to note that these are the top 3 sectors constituting careers in Dubai. With all this frightening information it might be really discouraging to find a career in the UAE.

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How does it work?

Our Digital Talent Program allows you to work directly with one of our advisors, who will be assisting you in optimizing your digital presence and giving you access to multiple platforms where you can submit your applications.

Do I need to be in a particular field?

All job seekers are welcome to submit their CV! We assist in most business sectors, whereas an applicant will feel strong and confident when dealing with our digital advisors.

Will recruiters contact me?

Definitely! We will be working closely with you for an entire month, our advisors will help you create a perfectly tailored CV and Cover letter, along with a strong digital presence. You should be able to start seeing results after you have completed your monthly package.

Full Time Jobs or Part Time Jobs?

We help ambitious job seekers like you connect with the right HR officials, yet some choose the Freelancer path and opt to work remotely. Whichever is your decision! Our expert advisors are happy to help you find the right path! 

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After 9 months of job search, Handcraft Media Digital Talent Program help me find my job, I ask for job in Dubai but I get job in Ajman City. I know it is not what I wanted first, but at least now I can support my family and get income.
Pradeep Mishra Kumar
I submitted my job request earlier this year, Adam was a great advisor because he guide me with the process of finding new recruiters and show my customer service skills. Interviews were a little bit hard but finally I pass one interview with outsource call center in Dafza.
Jennifer Apostol
Call Centre Supervisor
Great experience from start to finish, many rejections from recruiters but eventually found the right job to start.
Ahmed Nahas
UX | UI Designer
Jobs in Dubai

Working in UAE

It isn’t that simple though. The attraction in the UAE on the other hand is unmatched! The UAE has been well known to be a great country in progression and recovery for over 2 decades. It constitutes a value of consistency and reliability like no other country. The recovery from the first quarter of 2021 itself is amazing and is recorded at an 11% increase after suffering 3.7% progressively from the previous quarters due to the outbreak. Dubai was also a leader in reopening to tourism in July of 2020, being one of the first cities to have availability for jobs in such a vulnerable timeline of events.

Furthermore, in contradiction to most assumptions, the UAE has indexed a 4% overall raise in salaries in 2021. Everything about the UAE and careers in Dubai is lucrative; the work culture, the standard of living, the tax free salaries, the diverse cultures and exquisite crafts present over there, the list goes on and on…

All in all, to answer the speculative question “Is it worth it?” Yes it is without second thought. Rarely do you find such a high standard of living with such minimal flaws. The salaries are great, tax-free, and the jobs are sustainable, the government takes you in and guards you; it is just an overall astonishing force of a highly productive society and a cooperative lifestyle. Careers are respected and every drop of hard work produced is admired. No wonder it is home to top artists, food cuisines, architects, and designers. If you have potential in a certain field and you are willing to put in the effort for a great career, then Dubai is the place for you.

Jobs in Dubai

Handcraft Media's Digital Talent Program, increasing your job ranking profile digitally.

Many seek education and guidance in the digital marketing space as a career in Dubai. Some find it complicated, and others simply don’t know where to start. This skepticism leads people to give up on this aspect that is certainly going to affect them negatively in the long run. The development of digital marketing skills is essential for striving in any space or job in Dubai or anywhere nowadays. A highly advisable mentor in this space would be no other than the leading company in Digital marketing strategies as jobs in UAE and the GCC, “Handcraft Media” and their “Digital Talent” program.

Handcraft media specializes in this field offering a trustworthy and reliable mentorship that anybody could follow. Many might shy away from paying into a mentoring scheme. This happens for the particular reason that many of these programs lead to nowhere and often are scams. However, the “Digital Talent” program has been ensured to be a trustworthy and effective course that leads to valid results helping with the ensuring of finding jobs in the UAE or jobs in the GCC and building a career initiation from Dubai. With the cooperation of individuals that have around 2 decades worth of experience in the industry, expecting less wouldn’t be practical.

 With the “Digital Talent” program, any person is able to access information that others spend a lifetime learning through trials and errors. The package involves vital pinpoints including ‘Keyword analyses, strategic career planning, 1 on 1 meeting, and much more. All for a relatively great price point which is an investment in one’s self at the end of the day. An all-around great idea for both the consumer and the professionals who like to share their experiences.

No matter how complicated or daring the digital marketing space might seem, with the correct mentoring anything is possible. This is Handcraft Media’s job! To ensure that the individuals that are eager to learn, receive the education, and find the job they deserve within the GCC region. With the “Digital Talent” program a step-by-step guideline will be provided in addition to tips and tricks that would save you the time of the world. It is always better to learn from the mistakes of others rather than trying out for yourself and wasting your time. Moreover, this program is specifically great since it ensures an interactive platform, where you can always ask and receive feedback in order to shed light on any idea you may have or take away any concern.

It is vital that more and more people start getting into the digital marketing space and improve their digital ranking in order to ensure finding a job in the GCC area, or in order to help support finding one in the UAE, or just for a personalized career take-off in Dubai. With this skillset the sky is the limit, it is extremely scalable and soon enough it will become an essential criterion in the job market of Dubai and the UAE and more importantly for personal benefit. It is never too late to get started or even increase your knowledge and digital ranking if you have already started. 

In order to ensure the best investment of money and time in the GCC, the “Digital Talent” program by Handcraft Media is the way to go. Dare to take a step into the creative space and understand the revolution that it holds. An endless worldwide network that could make or break a product or an idea. It is now your time to set and improve your digital ranking and get the experience that many strive for. Ease your entry into the job market in Dubai, the UAE, and the GCC with a simple step forward.

Jobs in Dubai

Using the power of Analytics and AI to optimize Job Search and increase reach.

With the rise of the technological age, anything is possible in terms of connectivity. The world is fully and continuously connected with a regular update posted as soon as an analysis or realization occurs. A physical meetup is no longer needed for simple tasks such as catching up or meeting new people. In fact, more and more tasks are becoming accomplished digitally and through social media on a daily basis. More Specifically, the UAE job market; where job seekers are constantly in a hustle to start off their career in Dubai, change it, or advance through it, and recruiters are in a constant search for applicants that fit the job description perfectly. AI and analytics have made this cause possible.

To start with, finding a job in Dubai nowadays requires the physical presence of both the job seeker and the recruiters. Whereas, the UAE job market is slowly but surely shifting to a digital one, where careers in Dubai will fully become digital in the future. Jobs in the GCC are also following this path where in order to ensure finding a job in the GCC with optimal conditions, a digital ranking is required.

 The digital job market changed this all. With the uprising of majors that don’t require physical presence such as computer science, digital marketing, drop shipping, software development, etc. Even jobs in the UAE or GCC are becoming an online function. So how could the recruitment of jobs be held you may ask. The answer is quite simple: Online.

A modern application that is widely known as “LinkedIn” does the job. Job recruiters and firms in the GCC simply edit a profile towards the targeted audience they want to recruit by stating what their interests are in a worker, what their experiences should be, and their expectations, in addition to other details such as the awards they possess or the scale in which they rank in. Similarly, a college undergraduate or graduate personalizes their profile to present their knowledge, experience, and interests in careers located in Dubai for example. This poses a phenomenal system where recruiters essentially possess the personal CV of nearly anyone, and job seekers possess the needed information and a direct connection with the firm/corporation they intend to find a job in whether it’s a job in the UAE, a job in the GCC, or anywhere and potentially create a career with.

With the availability of such information within the reach of anybody, UAE job market analyses have become easier than ever. It is now within the simplest capabilities of businesses in the GCC to analyze which substrata of people best fit the job offered; which region they are primarily in, what experiences do they most have in common, which major they specialize in, and much more. It creates a fairer environment and a healthier job market in the GCC where the best fit candidate actually ends up acquiring the job. Not to mention the ability the creation of a simple artificial intelligence program that could filter all of the qualifications needed.  The task is then as simple as setting up an online meeting for an interview with any one of the numerous virtual meeting applications out there.

 To sum up, starting a career in Dubai, seeking work in the UAE, and finding a job in the GCC has become easier than ever. With the availability of such criteria interactive applications, any firm can ensure a job in the GCC with ease. It is flabbergasting how far AI has taken the jobs in Dubai and the UAE afar. It will continue doing so, expanding to jobs in the GCC in the very near future.

Jobs in Dubai

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Individuals, looking for Part-Time/Full-Time careers.

Without a doubt, digital marketing is the skill set that any average person with the intentions of building a sustainable career in Dubai or finding a job in the GCC should invest in.

Here’s why:

1. It is an asset that doesn’t devalue

Since the late 20th century, digital marketing has become one of the most successful brewing skillsets. It doesn’t take two to agree on the fact that anything, no matter the goal, requires a marketing scheme in order to launch. What better way to launch a career in Dubai or find a job in the GCC than a platform that the majority of humans have accessibility to?

 2. Wide range and accessibility

To put things into perspective, marketing digitally is the act of placing an idea or a product onto the internet, basically the whole world. It has become merely inevitable to be isolated from where everything is on nowadays, the internet. Moreover, it is accessible to everybody at extremely cheap costs and it is a relatively easy skill set to acquire. Not to mention its high demand in job seeking in the UAE and job markets in the GCC in general.

 3. Extreme Scalability

There is really no limit to the amount of audience you can reach marketing digitally. It is a worldwide targeting scheme that just keeps on expanding over time. Flabbergasting numbers are being set this very day by teenagers using digital marketing methods such as drop shipping, affiliate marketing, and so on. You would basically possess the freedom to find the kind of jobs in the GCC that you prefer.

 4. Countless methods of marketing digitally

The sky is the limit. With marketing, you could really go wherever your creativity takes you. Basic social media applications such as “Facebook” and “Instagram” could be the gateway to a career in Dubai or an enhancement of a CV in order to find better jobs in the UAE. The average screen time continues to increase without a mild sign of moving backward anytime soon. The digital scale in GCC countries is expanding drastically without sign of contraction so investing in this skillset would allow you to find a job in the GCC.

5. It is the future

With the aforementioned information, it is safe to say that any corporation would eagerly grasp on to any UAE job candidate applying or finding a job in GCC, that possesses this skillset. In fact, it is becoming a separate concentration of business on its own in many universities around the world. It is the future, and all the services that were traditionally seen only as shops and marketplaces are transferring digitally. It is certainly a skill set that will become mandatory in the near future for your own benefits such as launching a career in Dubai and for job recruitment in the UAE and the GCC. It is all translating into the digital world and failure to keep up will leave you stranded behind the clouds of businesses that are launching online.

 Digital marketing will become a skill set required by employers offering jobs in the GCC similar to how most ask for familiarity with the usage of word and excel documents. With its extremely sufficient features as mentioned above (It is an asset that doesn’t devalue – Wide range and accessibility – Extreme Scalability – Countless methods of marketing digitally – It is the future) It is certainly a skill that everybody should be rushing to learn and implement. It is still relatively early to join in on the action and start a career in Dubai or find a job in the GCC region.