BASIC Package


  • 2 X Digital Channels
  • Curriculum Vitae Optimization
  • Cover Letter
  • 10 Keyword Analysis
  • 1 X 1 Advisor Meeting
  • Strategic Career Planning
  • Interview Training Module



Harness the true potential of Job search, with our superior tools designed to optimize your profile, deliver more speed and productivity. As the world continues to transcend, our team of local experts are here to support you with your digital presence, since you require solutions that help you stay ahead of the JOB Market and prepared for the next possibilities.
We leverage candidates with the power of AI, while providing recommendations and powerful automation solutions to drive efficiency. Your career journey will become our objective!
We will help you upskill your profile and adapt to new opportunities, along with personalized learning experiences and AI-powered recommendations from relevant internal and external content sources.
You will work with world class digital platforms helping you find the right career path and steer you in the direction of success.


Teaching & E-learning

  1. Having a demonstrated teaching portfolio is necessary to progress into and thrive in teaching positions at any level of the higher education teaching spectrum, from secondary school through post-secondary education.
  2. Our specialists are able to guide you through the various Job openings, as teaching and E-learning are becoming more and more of a necessity in today’s world.
  3. No experience or Degree required, many courses are suitable for you to prepare you for the vast growing job market. Nevertheless, candidates with experience and seeking a career upgrade will find this program very useful.



General Tradesman



Roles for general Tradesman/women are increasingly popular during the last few years. Performing work such as carpentry, painting, brickwork, track bonding, rigging, automotive, lagging, exploratory diamond drilling, etc are very well required in the GCC area. The average Salaries are increasing over the years for such trades, since the labour work is on demand, many choose to travel from their respective countries and seek job opportunities in the MENA region.




Digital Marketing


  1. Enjoying working from home? Or even better, working during your preferred timings? Well, digital marketing is all about that! Create a career where you are your own Boss and explore endless possibilities in the digital realm.
  2. Experience is not a must when it comes to entry level jobs, as many seek junior marketing interns and marketing assistants to support the growth of their departments.
  3. Creativity and hard work are key factors to landing Marketing roles, where our assistants and admin panel will help you in curating the right portfolio for you!




                      Leading industries

Terms & Conditions

To buy a digital Promptlate product from the company’s website, the Client must agree to this “Agreement,” which is signed by Handcraft Media FZ LLC, and the Client. This Agreement is for the Client’s use only. Clients agree to the terms and conditions below by checking a box in the online shopping cart checkout or by paying for the Product, which means they agree to them.

1. The Use of Digital Products

After the Client buys the digital product, he or she will get a call back request from our advisor in his or her email in the next 48 hours. The client will have access to the materials for as long as the product(s) is/are on the market.

2. Recruitment & Job Search

Handcraft Media FZ LLC’s Digital Talent Program does not guarantee Jobs or other forms of direct recruitment, the purpose of the Digital Talent Program is to increase our client’s profile views by recruiters and optimize your digital presence. We use various methods such as AI powered engines, Marketing and other forms of profile optimization techniques.

3. Fees and how to pay

Client agrees to pay Company the fee shown on the online shopping cart in exchange for access to the Service that Company provides. If any payment methods are rejected by the online payment processor, the Client must come up with a new payment method before they can use the Product. Any time a payment method isn’t accepted by either party, the Company can still collect any and all outstanding debts from the Client.

4. The Refund Policy

Because digital products can be used right away after being bought, no refunds will be given to the Client for any fees or other amounts paid by the Client in connection with the Product under any circumstances. However, we do offer a 3 days money back should you not receive any email confirmation from our online advisors regarding your first meeting. You may also opt to cancel your booking directly with the advisor on your first meeting ONLY.


5. Personal Data

Clients who buy the Product will be asked for personal information, such as their name, email address, mailing and billing address. Client agrees that the Company can use this personal information for any legal reason. It’s the client’s job to make sure the identifying information is correct, keep his or her identifying information safe and secure, and tell the company about any changes to his or her identifying information.

The billing information that Client gives to the company will be kept safe and is subject to the same confidentiality and accuracy rules as Client’s identifying information above. If you give out false or inaccurate information, or use the Product for fraud or illegal activities, you will be kicked out of the Product right away.

6. Copyright

When the digital product is delivered to the Client, the Company gives the Client all of the copyrights to the Product.